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Can I transfer assets to my children without it affecting my pension entitlement?

Aged Care Advice, Aged Care Planning, News, Retirement Village Planning | 11th April 2023

How can you transfer assets to your family without affecting your pension OR enable you to receive some pension? A Granny flat right might be the answer AND there does NOT need to be any Granny flat built! Imagine if you needed more support or care, or wanted to be closer to your family BUT […]

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Having problems with Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)?

Aged Care Advice, Aged Care Planning, News, Retirement Village Planning | 11th April 2023

Are you not getting the right amount of pension? Are you having problems getting your pension entitlements fixed, or getting the pension at all? Are you having trouble getting aged care fees corrected? Is it possible to get more? Do you think you might be entitled to some pension? Understanding Centrelink & DVA policies, procedures […]

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How do Low Interest Rate Environments Affect Someone moving into Aged Care?

Aged Care Advice, Aged Care Planning, News | 24th March 2022

When someone moves into an Aged Care facility and sells their home to pay the Accommodation Payment as a Refundable Accommodation Payment (RAD, or Lump sum), if they have residual funds left over after paying the RAD, then there may be an impact on: Age Pension and Service Pension The residual funds left over after […]

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What is Probate? – Our new Estate Management Service

Aged Care Planning | 1st October 2019

When a person dies, in most situations the executor needs to apply for Probate, the choices open to the executor are; Apply for Probate themselves Engage a Solicitor to apply for Probate on your behalf Engage a Trustee (like the NSW Public Trustee & Guardian OR Engage Balance Estate Management Probate is the Supreme court […]

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What are my options to pay for Aged Care?

Aged Care Planning | 16th January 2018

There are numerous options available to fund your Accommodation Payment in Aged Care, & for some people, thinking outside the square can deliver impressive savings. Because the Accommodation Payment is based around a Lump Sum version called a RAD, most people think they will need to sell the home or use all their savings to […]

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Increase in Age Pension, Service & War Widows Pensions

Aged Care Planning | 20th September 2016

Centrelink Pension rates There are different rates of Age Pension payments for single people and couples. Your rate also depends on your income, assets, and other circumstances. Basic Rate Plus + Supplements Total Pension Single $797.90pf $65.10+$14.10 $877.10pf Couple            $601.50pf $49.10+$10.60 $610.20pf each $1322.40pf combined Illness separated couple     […]

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What is happening in the Sydney property market?

Aged Care Planning | 20th September 2015

The record low interest rates has been partly responsible for the residential property boom, which has seen record highs achieved for the sale of Sydney Property. Residential Real Estate has always gone through periods of boom, bust & then stagnation, it is part of a cycle driven by the forces of supply & demand. The […]

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Planning For The Future With Your Loved One In Care

Aged Care Planning | 12th June 2014

When looking at enrolling your loved one into Aged Care there is a few steps to go through to ensure you are giving your loved one the best start in their new community as well as ensuring you are financially set up for the future care of your loved one. Researching into your options is […]

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The 2014 Federal Budget: How Will It Affect Aged Care?

Aged Care Planning | 14th May 2014

Australia’s ageing population was a key factor to the outcomes of last night’s Federal Budget where Treasurer Joe Hockey ‘tightened the belts’ of many Australians in order to alleviate the countries debt and better plan for the future. The budget’s broad recommendations mainly focused on health, the ageing and education sectors which will account for […]

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Welcome Fiona Rumble to the Balance Aged Care Specialists Team

Aged Care Planning | 24th March 2014

Balance Aged Care Specialists Welcomes Fiona Rumble As Balance Aged Care Specialists continues to provide sound Financial Advice and Aged Care Advice to our clients we are delighted to announce that we are expanding our offices and are looking forward to helping more people plan financially for their future. As part of our expansion we […]

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