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There are many pensions available including the War Widows Pension, the age service pension, Age Pension or foreign pensions, blind pension. To receive any type of pension you first must be eligible to receive the benefit and secondly you need to be able to satisfy the means test in some cases. This is because not all pensions are means tested (assets and income).

Over the years we have found that the general public are unsure of how much pension they should be receiving and if they are eligible to receive a higher amount of pension. This could be because they haven’t updated Centrelink of their financial situation for some time, at Balance we are able to help review the individuals information while also offering additional help when dealing with Centrelink as many people are not comfortable when dealing with Centrelink.

Balance Aged Care Specialists can help regarding any of the following pensions: Centrelink Age/Overseas/Disability/Carer Payment and also with The Dept of Veterans Affairs (DVA) with Service Pension/EDA/TPI/War Widows.

At Balance Aged Care Specialists, we can help calculate your pension entitlement and which type of pension you may be entitled to, and we can also help you with applying or updating your information to claim or maximise your pensions while guiding you through the process of the different agencies.

If you are interested in finding out more about the pensions available to you, you can call 1300 556 287 to speak to a Balance Aged Care Specialists for a free phone consultation or please find some more information by clicking the link below.

Real Life Example

John and Joan were surprised to find out they had been missing out on $5,000pa worth of Pension from Centrelink. Balance were also able to show them that they were both entitled to claim a Pension from the UK and helped them apply for each pension respectively.