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Home Care

Home Care is available for people that want to stay in their home longer or that might not need as much care as they would need in an aged care facility. Home Care can be used in their current home, a retirement village, or in a granny flat (please use the link below to read more about Granny Flat Rights).

Home Care consists of two varieties, the first is government subsidised home care (the government home care package) and the second is private home care. There are government subsidised help packages that will contribute to home care dependant on income tests which the government conducts for individuals while the private home care can be used instead of or in conjunction with the government subsidised government home care packages.

The best idea is to find out how best to get the help and support you need to see if you can remain at home longer, before deciding to move into residential aged care.

At Balance Aged Care Specialists, we can help by showing you how these different home care options can allow you to stay in your home longer and can also show the difference financially between moving into an aged care facility and staying home and receiving government home care packages and/or private home care.

If you are interested in finding out more about Home Care options available, you can call 1300 556 287 to speak to a Balance Aged Care Specialists for a free phone consultation or please find some more information by clicking the link below.

Real Life Example

Margaret recently has found she needs some care to be able to remain at home and she is not ready to move into residential aged care yet. Balance showed Margaret how she can afford the care at home and be able to remain in her home for an extra 2 years.