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What is Probate? – Our new Estate Management Service

Posted on: October 1st, 2019 by Eric Hiam in Aged Care Planning

When a person dies, in most situations the executor needs to apply for Probate, the choices open to the executor are;

  • Apply for Probate themselves
  • Engage a Solicitor to apply for Probate on your behalf
  • Engage a Trustee (like the NSW Public Trustee & Guardian OR
  • Engage Balance Estate Management

Probate is the Supreme court rubber stamping the executor to be able to administer the will. The required forms must be lodged with the Supreme Court in the prescribed format, there is no jury or judges, primarily it is an administrative task.

The Balance group of Companies has recommenced providing a Probate service for our clients (no legal advice involved) it is administration only. That is, we can apply for probate on behalf of the executor, and assist in winding up the estate, cheaper than a solicitor would charge, & considerably cheaper than a Trustee Company would charge.

If there is any dispute to the estate, we would pass it on to a solicitor as Legal advice WOULD then be required.

We believe that we can deliver a quality service (that is quicker and cheaper than what is currently available). We want to make the Claim for Probate efficient & fast, by gathering all the information about the deceased before the passing of a loved one, so that when the time comes, Balance Estate Management don’t have to be asking the executor for details of bank accounts & shares etc, when they are still grieving the loss of the loved one. We prefer to gather all that information at the time we help you with your aged care, so that when the time comes to claim for Probate, all you need to do is sign the relevant forms, & we will make the process as easy as possible during the tough time

If you are interested in finding out more about our Estate Management Service, call 8814-7307 to find out more.