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Increase in Age Pension, Service & War Widows Pensions

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Eric Hiam in Aged Care Planning

Centrelink Pension rates

There are different rates of Age Pension payments for single people and couples. Your rate also depends on your income, assets, and other circumstances.

Basic RatePlus + SupplementsTotal Pension
Couple           $601.50pf$49.10+$10.60$610.20pf each

$1322.40pf combined

Illness separated couple           $797.90pf$65.10+$14.10$877.10pf each

$1754.80pf combined

War Widows & Disability Pensions (DVA)

These rates are updated on 20 March and 20 September each year and include the Clean Energy Supplement.

War Widows +
Disability Pension
Basic RateIncome Support
Total + ISS
War Widows$891.30pf$263.10$1,154.40pf
TPI Pension$1,346.90pf
General rate Disability10%= $54.81pf