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What is Aged Care Placement?

For those people who need residential aged care, but don’t have any family or anyone else to help them find a facility.


For those people who need aged care, but their family is not nearby (maybe they may live interstate or overseas), or whose family have very limited time available due to work pressures, or family commitments, that they just don’t have the time available at present to spend time looking & visiting aged care facilities.  Then, Aged Care Placement provides a service that can find an aged care facility that suits you & your purposes, & even to the point of negotiating & filling in most of the paperwork with the facility & even arranging the move from home into care, packing up the home, and selling or renting the home for you.

The amount of help you need depends on what you want.

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    What is Aged Care Placement?What is involved?What is the process?What does aged care placement cost?What about helping me pack up, move my stuff, sell or rent my home, if I am not able