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The Poplars Article

Posted on: February 17th, 2014 by Eric Hiam in Aged Care Services Facilities

The notion of family and a sense of belonging is integrated deep into our humanity. Abraham Maslow describes the feeling of ‘belonging’ to one of our most necessary human needs, influencing our behaviors and the effect we have on society (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs).

Our Family is the first community in which we truly belong and where this need is first fulfilled. This is why, throughout our life, family remains one of the most valuable blessings we have.

As we grow up, we often look to our parents as a pillar of strength. They are the Prime Ministers, Directors, Kings and/or Queens of the community (family) we belong to. We look to them to care for us, nurture us and teach us and so, when the time comes for us to put our family into Aged Care, we want them to be valued, dignified and honored and to receive the kind of support and care that they have provided for us all of our lives.

The Cook Care Group is an Australian, family owned and operated group of Aged Care Facilities established in 1987 and developed by Francis and Christine Cook with the vision of being a close knit community where each resident belongs like a member of a family.

Every family goes through different seasons. Transitioning your parents into an Aged Care Facility is a difficult one. While we can help to manage your family’s financial plan for the future, we’d also like to support you in whatever other ways we can. The Poplars, on Norfolk Road Epping is run by The Cook Care Group and is an Aged Care Facility we highly endorse.

While the facility prides itself on almost 100 years of Aged Care Service, it has been recently refurbished and now features inspiring interiors, gorgeously landscaped gardens and large open areas designed to optimize family time.

The new facility opened in December 2013 and caters for residents with all types of care needs including extra service, high care, low care and dementia specific care.

Services are designed specifically around encouraging community spirit and socialization as The Poplars strive to develop and continue strong connections with the community to ensure residents don’t feel isolated from the area they have belonged to all their life.

Cook Care facilities continue to achieve accreditation with the Aged Care Standards Agency and are recognized in the community as offering high quality accommodation and care standards. W’’re glad they have taken over management of The Poplars facility and have full confidence that your loved ones needs will be catered to with complete care.