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If we sell our home & buy into a village how will it affect our pension & can we afford it?

Whether or not you can afford it, is a different situation for everyone, it may be worth calling us to do some financial modelling on the likely outcome of the sale of your home & purchase of the ILU before you proceed, so that you know how much pension you would be entitled to & what it would look like financially after the event.

How your pension is affected will depend on your financial situation once you have finished selling & buying & see how much you have left over after the transaction. If you have more than you had invested prior to the sale of your home & the purchase of the ILU, then it is conceivable that your pension may reduce, it will then depend on the general level of interest rates as to whether you will be better off or not.

It might be worth calling us to see how you will be affected financially before you make your final decision, once it’s completed it is too late to change your mind.

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