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What are the tricks to dealing with Centrelink/ DVA?

There are simply too many to count, we have given a few ideas in the section above (how can I maximise my pension) and I don’t want to give away all our secrets, that is why you may need our experience, expertise & guidance to get the best outcome.

Case Study – Margaret

We have just won a protracted battle with Centrelink to get an elderly woman in Aged Care her pension (July 2018), we obtained a pension originally lodged in June 2017, after many arguments, & provision of documents (sometimes the same documents previously provided) & she received a lump sum in December 2017, backdated to June 2017 for $XXX. The pension was then immediately cancelled. We needed to lodge a review, which was declined, then lodge a complaint, provide more of the same documents previously provided, once again. Finally receiving the pension in July 2018 (i.e. over 12 months) however we were tenacious, we know we were right, & did not give up. Because of that win, Margaret also received a lump sum back-payment for the overcharge of a Means Tested Fee in aged care of over $19,000. Whilst it cost Margaret a couple of thousand dollars for our efforts overall, she received over $30,000, plus $848pf of pension, when she wasn’t getting any pension prior to that & her savings were disappearing fast


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    How can I maximise my pension?I am having trouble with Centrelink/ DVA what should I do?How to claim a pension?How do I know if I am getting the right amount of pension?What pension am I entitled to?What alternatives do I have?