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What is the process?

We prefer to start the process way ahead of someone dying. As a consequence of us helping people moving into aged care decide how best to fund their aged care, it is incumbent of us to understand their financial situation, in which case, we have a good idea of what assets & liabilities they have. If we can obtain the full details of the persons financial situation (including bank & investment account numbers, & obtain a copy of the will &the location of all the assets & details of all liabilities, then when the person involves dies, we can step into action immediately without having to obtain those sorts of details at a time when the family is grieving.

Once advised of the death we begin the process of the application for the Grant of probate by arranging for notice of the intended application for Probate to be published. We then draft all the required Court papers, then arrange for the executor to sign the application. Following this meeting we lodge the application with the Supreme Court of NSW and deal with any further enquiries the Supreme court many have, then notify you once the Grant of Probate has been granted.

Once Probate has been granted we organise for a further notice to be published in the newspaper to protect you from any claims of creditors.

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