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What is involved?

Estate Management is NOT legal advice, we do not & cannot provide legal advice, however, if there is any need for legal advice, you can seek help from your own solicitor or we can refer you to a number of different solicitors, who can provide legal advice, if there is any legal impediment involved in the estate.

If there is likely to be a dispute, about who is entitled to the estate, we would pass this matter on to a solicitor in the beginning.

Estate Management by someone other than a solicitor is akin to a conveyancer, who is experienced in the process of transferring the title of a property for a client on the sale or purchase of a property, & unless legal advice is required, a conveyancer does not need to charge the same rates as a solicitor. Similarly Estate Management does not have to be charged at the same rates as a solicitor, if there is no legal advice required.

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