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I don’t know, what I don’t know

Most clients we see have a pretty good idea of what help they are looking for, but some people are honest enough to say “we don’t know, what we don’t know” consequently they don’t know what they should be asking, or where to go for help.

A good place to start is the “My Aged Care” website, whilst it will not give you the answers as to what you should do in your circumstances, or which is the best way for you, it will at least give you the basics about home care & residential aged care.

The previous section about “I don’t know where to start” will also give you some ideas about the process & the sorts of questions to be asking.

Having an initial consultation with us over the phone, will also give you some ideas & clues about what you might need to consider in your set of circumstances. An initial consultation with Balance Aged Care Specialists won’t cost you anything & there is no obligation to proceed.

Another great idea is to write down your list of ideals for a person to move into aged care, i.e. what is your perfect aged care facility. You will most likely not get a facility that matches perfectly ALL your needs, but at least if you have a list, you are starting to focus on what you want. Most people need to be prepared to compromise on something, but then again it is about understanding what items you are not prepared to compromise on.

Your list might include;

  • Close by to family & friends
  • Affordable
  • Single room
  • Own ensuite
  • Catholic/Jewish/orthodox facility
  • Chinese/Italian/Arabic/Greek facility
  • Dementia secure
  • Very high care
  • Respite available
  • Access to a garden

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