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March 2015 Changes to Aged Care Fees

Posted on: April 8th, 2015 by Eric Hiam in Aged Care Advice

Every March & September the Government indexes the Age Care fees, on the same date that the Age & DVA Pensions are indexed.

As from 20th March 2015 the new Aged Care Rate of BASIC Daily Care Fee is as follows:

Maximum Basic Daily Fee  PRE JULY 2014 Residents
– Standard Resident contribution– includes respite residentsup to $47.49 / day
– Protected resident contributionup to $43.29 / day
– Phased Resident Contributionup to $47.49 / day
– Non-Standard Resident Contributionup to $53.91 / day
 Maximum Daily Income Tested Feeup to $75.42 / day
 Maximum Basic Daily Fee  POST JULY 2014 Residents
– Standard Resident contributionup to $47.49 / day

The New Means Tested Fee has maximum limits that can be charged, these limits have been indexed below

 Maximum Means Tested Fee  POST JULY 2014 Residents

– Annual Limit$25,582.71pa
– Life Time Limit$61,268.92pa