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Saving thousands of dollars per year in aged care.

Michael is married, has severe dementia & needed to move into aged care, as his dementia had deteriorated severely. His wife is quite a few years younger & was still working, & consequently due to her salary her was not eligible for any Age Pension (despite the fact he was old enough), & he was also paying quite a large Means Tested Fee.  Therefore, she had very little of her net salary for herself, as she had to pay so much for his aged care. If she had retired, it would be much better, but she was not ready to retire.

At Balance Aged Care Specialists, it is our job to know how Centrelink works, & what are the tricks & the rules to get the best outcome. We showed her how to get him a pension, & how to reduce the Means Tested Fee.

The outcome was we were able to get Michael the full Age Pension, & he paid no Means  Tested Fee at all, which in total saved her $35,835pa

The benefit of dealing with a Specialist Aged Care Planner, is that we know how pensions work & how aged care works & you can benefit from our expertise, & this could save thousands of dollars a year just like Michael.