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Bupa aged care facility

Posted on: February 17th, 2014 by Eric Hiam in Aged Care Services Facilities

Bupa aged care facility

Finding the right Aged Care Facility for your loved one can be a stressful time both financially and emotionally. There are many things to consider to ensure you have a suitable plan in place.

Aged Care is necessary when a person needs to move on from their own home because of an inability to care for themselves. While many feel uncomfortable with this transition it’s important that your loved one knows that their new home will offer them the practical support they need while allowing their current relationships, hobbies and community engagements to continue.

Life doesn’t stop when Aged Care begins and this is certainly the case at BUPA Baulkham Hills. This fantastic Resident Care Community is located in the heart of the Hills District delivering personalized care for your loved one.

With Balance Aged Care Specialists ’s help BUPA Baulkham Hills could be the place to care for your loved ones, giving you peace of mind.

BUPA Bualkham Hills ensures that there’s plenty of activities going on around the community that residents can attend giving them something to look forward to. It is important that when your loved one joins there new Aged Care community, that their lifestyle doesn’t change too dramatically and they still have access to the hobbies and pastimes they have always enjoyed.

These activities are designed to encourage community spirit and socialization and also include: active and gentle exercise classes, ball games, concerts/sing-a-longs, cocktail parties, arts and crafts, card and board games, monthly BBQs, cooking, bingo, bus outings, shopping, gardening etc.

There are also specialized programs for designed to individually meet resident’s physical and cognitive needs following assessment. These include aromatherapy, massage therapy, reflexology, music therapy, pet therapy and dementia specific programs.

Maintaining connection with old family and friends is vital to the wellbeing of BUPA Baulkham Hill’s residents and so management actively encourages visitors by offering unrestricted visiting hours.

Carers often find it difficult to give up the full-time position of caring for their loved one. Ongoing support from family and friends goes a long way in maintaining the social and emotional needs of residents and so, BUPA encourages that Carers not give up their roles. Instead, they do their best to facilitate residents being cared for by a loved one as much as possible.

After ensuring your family member will be residing in a safe and comfortable community the obvious concern is how much this peace of mind will cost, and whether it’s affordable. This is where Balance Aged Care Specialists can help you get the most out of Government benefits and plan for your loved one’s future in care.

For example, residents can spend up to 52 nights a year away from the aged care home without affecting any government financial assistance. This is called social leave and only counts if the resident spends the night away from the home.

These benefits are all a part of the Centrelink Aged Care Scheme which provides financial assistance as your loved one goes into Aged Care. For assistance navigating the system and finding the best financial plan for your family contact Balance Aged Care Specialists today.