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Posted on: March 30th, 2020 by Eric Hiam in News

In these exceedingly difficult times, maximising your benefits and minimising your fees is even more important. The Coronavirus has had a dramatic negative affect on people’s asset values. As both the Centrelink age pension and Aged Care Means Tested Fees are calculated with references to assets and income. Informing the Department of Human Services of reduced asset values should result in age pension increasing or being eligible for the age pension and Aged Care fees decreasing. In some instances, people not receiving age pensions before might now be eligible. However you will need to provide evidence of the reduced asset values. We suggest you contact the Department of Human Services to get a reassessment.

We are now offering a new Pension and Means Tested Fee service to assist you with informing the Department in the most efficient way. You can contact Balance Aged Care specialists on 1300-556287.